The accuracy of this list is negligible and should be viewed as such.

“The Levels”
A set of three staggered platforms underneath the Bob Sykes bridge. The platforms intended function is for use by city employees or inspectors. However, locals frequently jump from the platforms for thrills. Most of the time, boats are used to reach the levels, but there is a riskier manner of reaching them by parking a car at the foot of the fishing pier, walking to the end in swimsuits, jumping off and swimming over to the levels. With the second method, the jumpers must scale a steel ladder up to the top of the Sykes bride and climb into heavy traffic to return.

“Jappy 7”
A slang term for the local “Happy 7” chain of convenience stores. The racially inappropriate name is derived from the ethnicity of most of the stores proprietors. It is not actually known if the owners of the Happy 7s are actually Japanese. Many of these establishments are alleged to have friendlier-than-normal attitudes towards underage drinking (See Caum’s, “The Blue Store”)

“The Chimney”
Small park on Scenic Highway frequented by gay men. It is so named because of the smokestack-resembling structure on its premises. It was the target of local debate at one point due to the murder of a hitchhiker by local gay bashers near its location. The hitchhiker was later found to be a man whose car broke down on Scenic.

“The Thinking Spot”
A small stretch of railroad tracks east of the 17th street trestle with a panoramic view of the Pensacola Bay Bridge and Pensacola Bay. The thinking spot was frequented by underage drinkers, LSD users and other illicit members of Pensacola’s youth.

A slang term for the Pensacola Bay Bridge

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