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1/22/2 Society: Out of gas after Tap


After viewing a performance of legendary British rock band Spinal Tap, J. Christo, RK, Birmingham and Vargas ran out of gas on the way home and became stranded at a Shelter Island liquor store.

While Vargas was away filling up the gas can, Romy and Birmingham occupied their time drinking and doing impressions of various inanimate objects. Here, RK does her version of a resident's tree.

Birmingham mimics a small round bush.

RK's doing her poodle.

Birmingham's locust on Locust.

Full of glee, the ladies posed for a shot.

Christo waited patiently in the Buick.

Jose Sinatra gave Vargas a ride to the gas station.

Vargas was none-too-pleased with the girl's antics.

Back at the house, Birmingham denied all allegations.

Christo was happy to have drugs and booze.

Vargas, filthy and tired, was pleased with his brew.