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9/7/1 Q+A: Short Questions w/ Shepard Fairy

He is the man responsible for the mug of Andre the Giant being plastered by late-night operatives from one side of this great country to the other. His propaganda campaign has spawned 700,000 stickers and 2000 posters and numerous copycats. His website can be found at He is graphic artist Shepard Fairy.

is L Vargas
is Shepard

Why Andre?

Andre is ugly, funny, memorable. I came across a picture of him & couldnt stop laughing.


Why not Ox Baker?

Who is Ox Baker? I know almost nothing about wrestling.


. Ever been arrested?

I've been arrested 5 times & fined about the same. Things have been pretty chill lately, I've improved my counter detection techniques.


Best old school rapper?

Slick Rick for flow, Chuck D & Ice Cube for delivery that made you step the fuck back.


Modern Dance. Your thoughts?

Dancing is primitive & modern dance is contrived and pretentious.


Downtown San Diego. Your Thoughts?

Downtown SD should have more culture than it does.


Comic book fan?

No or Dungeons & Dragons or video games or MTV.


Any heinous skate injuries?

Torn ligaments & tendons in my fingers.


Tired of anything yet?

I'm tired of people talking about doing stuff then never doing it. Complacency is about as whack as it gets.