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8/1/2 Poe + Pro: Skin on or off


Skin on or off?
Terrie Relf

 In the top bunk

I feel hands reaching out to touch my††††††††† ††††††††††† mind and

sometimes I canít get to sleep and

itís really slapping my hand away from touching ††††††††††† sanity

 I try not to let it bother me Ďcause I heard that

Incubi are supposed to be on the friendly sideÖ

 So I fantasize that heís some disembodied poet looking for a little action, maybe a little inspiration

 and heís chosen meÖ

 around 3:35am I feel him leave and can finally fall asleep

but I canít stop thinking about him and how Iíd like to††††††††††† you know

 see his face

maybe look into his eyes

 that sort of thing

 Iíve heard it develops intimacyÖ

 but skin is just so superficial

so over-rated

so limited

 Iíll have to give this relationship some more thought