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11/27/1 Poe + Pro: Perspective

Sam Stonebraker

When I awoke,

my consumer price index

was up two-tenths of a percent,

my policies

were massaging

Inflationary pressures.



hot unemployment data,

I realized my confidence

had declined

in the third fiscal quarter,

despite reports

of a possible surge

in the Asian markets

brought to me by the

Robert Wood Johnson



I grabbed

a cold NATO

outta the fridge

before consulting

an independent expert

who spoke in language critical

of the aforementioned agreement,

advising me to spin it twice

before declining to comment.


I put it on the wire


“Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend. 

 There is a large ABM tightly lodged up my retail spending.”


“Nothing further.”


I grill a couple subpoenas

& try out the newest chocolate bar,

“Ivory Coast”,

which goes great

with my

relatively slow

housing starts.

After faxing my taxcut

to the Federal Reserve

for immediate analysis,

I mix up a Ralph Nader

& sit down to the morning


falling Nasdaq Zion,

ignoring rumors

of death’s reparation. 

28 August 2001