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10/29/1 Poe + Pro: Friend

Coulter Jacobs

I lived with him fer 2 years

2 years of smoke aní drink,

arguments, cursing, aní occasional


One night he said I walked down

tha stairs like a zombie

aní pissed in tha kitchen

then walked up aní back tí bedó

Tha next morning

there was newspaper all over

tha floor, aní I had no clue

what was going onó

I trusted him,

met his Mom in New York

aní drank Cream Ale

in stripclubs in Niagara Falls

We shot pool as Lucky Strike


faded babyblue into tha wooden


We sat in tattoo chairs

in Toronto aní laughed

silly drunkard giggles

We swallowed Las Vegas

on New Years Eve 2000

Him aní my girl were


(or so I thought)

Tha years ran through

tha empty bottles of booze

aní when he moved out

we were not on speaking terms

So he went aní tolí my girl

I was a messiní Ďround

Aní she dropped me

like a cigarette in tha


Now he sends her flowers,

takes her tí concerts

Heís no longer my friend

He threw it all away

tí try tí get a piece

of assó