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12/20/1 Poe + Pro: Double Jack and Coke

Double Jack and Coke
Vildaya Haya

doublejack and coke

       tall with cherries

             killed you or maybe

    it was the pack of wides a day

  no matter, the woman’s clinic 

with the doctor that looked like a linebacker

     would have gotten you

                            if I hadn’t thrown myself off a stool

but you got the best of all of us

    slipping out unexpectedly in the shower

saving my onehundredsixty big ones

                   this is my way of saying thanks. . . .

sitting in the emergency waiting room
      what remains of you (boy or girl)       ?

            all three inches

     (concealed in a paperbag I hope nobody mistakes for lunch)

stuck under this uncomfortable chair I spent the last

               five hours in

three hours later after they call me back
       and the nurse plops your tupperware coffin ungracefully

 on the counter after a quick peep

                  she says you’re just tissue

     “seen worse” she says “more formed”

when I scream as she tries to put you with my personal belongings

       (you don’t belong to me anymore, but it’s hard to get the words out)

          I don’t believe her, think she’s lying, and hate her even           

more when she sticks that catheter in me

       all the things they do to me back there I accept as payback

for not having the courage to have you

         but that doesn’t stop me from crying the whole time

        and feeling like I’m missing something

      like I missed something

it’s hard to sit down in the shower now

           even though your’e long gone

        (my guess is with that days trash

    lunch for whatever rats roam the town dump

 probably a better ending than the beginning you would have had



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