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2/26/2 Poe + Pro: Abo Deless

Abo Deless
J. Rhodes
(note: content taken from scenes seen during trip to SF 12/27/01 – 01/01/02, most of which came from a 12/31 day trip to the Haight)

Abo Deless, man


rhymes to the waste receptacle

and himself,

shiny Hoover perched on his caged stuff shuffler

    Vacuuming the Earth

   Gripped by streaming blood

The poorest dude is black and singing El Balazo Blues;

a burrito would make him a rich man

‘Kiss my dick’, shouts a 12-year-old youth

to a gaggle of young heartland America tourist chicks

no doubt they shall recount this harrowing, ribald tale

to countless fanged cousins and swastika-wielding Uncles,

warning them all never to visit san francisco

She’ll be fine as long


no one tells her the man that just grazed her Hilfiger with his burlap raincoat

and street-widdled demeanor

         raped 17 stray dogs the previous evening


New Year’s Eve Day

excreting every last LAST

before tossing away our 2001 diaper and strapping on the new and improved

Electronic Velcro Remote-Controlled Super Shitbag that promises to be 2002


funny how a morning mixes the mind


ah yes, a genuine fat man, greasy and

 Loving the Haight

rolls by in an extended Hummer Limo

window cracked, rye whisky in hand, 3 p.m.

    three busty nut-busters to boot in the back seat

    or anywhere he damn well chooses


Nate and I agreed that would be the way to spend every New Years

                        from this moment on…


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