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Poetry/prose: She's Resplendent

By Coulter Jacobs

Shivering in lavender sugar
With eyes green as an old bruise
She attracts you, tempts you
Makes you hide yerself
Makes yer heart a thumping hypocrisy
Reality’s enemy-the warlord’s
Diablo Girl . . .

Twisting tyranny and ecstasy
Kissing yer earlobe as she
slides a nail along yer spine

Cut her she bleeds vanilla-

The high society decoy
Prancing, brilliantly confused
The jaguar’s pink, bloody wink
floats thru yer dirty hypnotised veins

Betrayal is her promise
Behind the guise of simplicity
she sinks onto the tyrants bloodstained
sword . . .

The magician’s disappearing bottle,
her lies to painfully disarm you
A tongue laced with opium diamonds
She hides a whitegold ring behind
mild, mint green eyelids,
quivering and singing like cricket’s wings . . .

I am so in love I hate the truth
Dodge the tail of the dragon
Full of accidental, alcoholic virtues
In the 6:30 a.m. sunshine
I bend toward a little beige house
of bugs and thorny hearts,
of laughter and nakedness
I bend home thru the powdery avenues
Rushing fullforce toward another lie . . .

Hermosa Beach, Cal-21 March, 03