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11/7/2 Poe & Pro: Civic lessons in WINCity


Civic lessons in WINCity
L Vargas

(Scene opens with a man in a very plain but well-tailored one-color suit in front of a small group of either younger men or teenage boys. The man, Captain Williamson, is lecturing the boys on the current state of affairs in WINCity’s Urban Sector; specifically, the immediate response to vicious sexual assaults that have been receiving attention in sheets and exposes around the city. Behind Captain Williamson is a screen that presents images and floating text designed to illustrate his points.)

Captain Williamson: ...those who need sexual gratification can either peddle their wares at anyone of the numerous hit-or-miss clubs available around WINCity, where a soft vagina and a stiff penis are just one of the many interesting concoctions available, or they can tune into Prime Time Porn, a not-so excusive channel on Cable Plus+.
(Prime Time Porn logo appears on the screen)
The channel is a virtual landscape of every sort of fetish, desire, and depravity even a Topmind could imagine. It is such a quiet and unspoken success that several of the clubs have complained that it is much too easy to disallow access to their clubs as the channel has grown in phenomenon. It seems that sometimes the monkeymales prefer to simply purchase affordable slugs and shots and select their favorite program rather than enduring the dank and demeaning 10 against one odds of the clubs. Socially selected from a group of applicants drawn to the producers via twisted childhoods and overbearing male parents, the females featured on Prime Time Porn are first interviewed to determine if they are willing to trade virtue for currency and stardom. After the females ideals are firmly established and are determined to be appropriate for a long and prosperous careeer as a Prime Time Porn Starlet, she undergoes a series of enhancements designed to differentiate her from the waifish and sullen fems found in the clubs and javas in the heart of the city.
(Prime Time Porn Starlet appears on the screen. She is Venus Victorious. A Bronze-skinned goddess, muscular and wearing armor and bearing a sword.)
Her eyes and hair are either dyed blue and blonde for starlets meant to stir chivalrous or dastardly notions in the male or brown and black for exotic appeal.
(Student Chopin raises his hand)

Chopin: Explain the differences between the blonde/blues and the brown/blacks.

Captain Williamson: Most monkeymales, and I’m speaking of 80 - 85 percent, prefer the blonde/blues. They are drawn to what they perceive to be a fairness and nobility usually reserved for higher classes than themselves.