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10/28/2 Poe & Pro: a book signing


a book signing
Terrie Relf

(to Santiago, who gives good poem!)

you asked me to autograph your book with a kiss
“where do you want it?” I asked
“on my lips” you said
then added “anywhere you want”

I opened a silver metallic tube
slid glossy red lipstick on my mouth
turned to a slick inner page
where I pressed my lips
imagining your dark berry ones beneath

I wrote
“you are the stuff of which poetry is made”
then added
“love you baby” just beneath

I could feel my red silk panties grow
Well, you know silkier
as I closed the cover
then peeled it back again

the paper
so soft
like skin
so warm
like skin
so taut
like your
pen between my fingers

you came
back for the book
all awkward now at our exchange

your luscious mind
splayed open
for my delight