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9/26/2 News: Opposition To War Increases


An anti war protester at Saturday's rally.

(28th Sept) In a powerful turnout of the opposition to the U.S. and U.K. driven proposals for war on Iraq, the anti-war demo organised by the Stop The War Coalition and the Muslim Association of Britain, and supported by CND attracted according to the organizers around 400,000 demonstrators. The numbers equalled the numbers on the right-wing Countryside Alliance march a week earlier when (probably for the first time in history) police and organisers agreed on the same number of 'disaffected rural protesters' which included members of the Tory party, aristocracy and the BNP. That march was prepared for two years and cost 2 million pounds. Police had yesterday informed City of London Security that they were expecting 30-40,000 people in today's anti-war march, but by the afternoon had counted 'more than 150,000 people, adding there had been two arrests for minor public order offences.

This story was found on the United Kingdon Independent Media Centre