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10/1/1 News: Activist missing

A former Executive Director of San Diego Pride has not been seen or heard from since Sept. 11.

Mandy Schultz the former Executive Director of San Diego Pride, and has been the PR representative and promotions manager of Club BomBay.

She is also known to many as a key organizer of SD Dyke March, and the host of "Thongs N Things" on Thursday nights as well as DJ Mandytory at Club Activate on Saturdays, both at BomBay. Neither her family members and partner, nor friends and work have heard from her since, and a missing person report was filed on Friday, 9-21-01.

Schultz's car, a black CRV 4-door Honda displaying 2 "Big Daddy" stickers and 2 dents-on the front and back-, has not been seen either. Please call 619-531-2000 immediately if you have any information in relation to her disappearance. The case number is I 50309.

Following is an e-mail that has circulated concerning Schultz's dissapearence.

"Hello everyone! We really appreciate all of your help, hope and prayers in "the search for Mandy Schultz!"
The last time Mandy was seen was Thursday, Sept 12, morning at around 8:30am at her apartment in Kensington. She has her car, a 2001 Honda CRV, License #4KLG216. It's Black and has a "Daddy" sticker on the back, right side of the car.

-Here is what's been done thus far:

-Filed a missing persons report. Case #I50309 Phone number to call if you do find something 619-531-2000.
-The Police Dept will not report her car stolen. (It's a higher priority to have a car stolen, than a missing person.)
-Contacted all County Hospitals, Health Clinics, Highway Patrol and Police Department. -Her family and close friends have been contacted and no one has seen or heard from her.
-Update and Gay and Lesbian Times have put articles out on her. -Generated and distributed a missing persons flyer in Hillcrest, Balboa Park, North Park, Kensington and Ocean Beach.
-Flyers have been put up at the Flame, Club Bombay, Flicks, and Hamburger Mary's. -A trusted Psychic has been consulted.
-We've gone through her bedroom for clues; she did not take her cell phone. It does not look like she took clothing or any necessary items to travel. With the above efforts, we have still not been able to find out any information. The San Diego Police Department has not moved on this case!

What you can do:
-With your help, we'll find her!
-Talk with people that you know, even if you're not sure if they know her. -Forward this email to everyone you know, if they're part of the GLBT community or not!
-Continue to call hospitals or health clinics.
-Call the Police Dept. and pressure them EVERY DAY to take this matter seriously, about this missing activist in our community.
-Respond to this email, we can deliver flyers to you.
-If you have any contacts, write letters to inform them about this missing person in the community.
-Get creative! We need to get our friends and the authorities to respond to the urgency of this matter.
-Most of all, we need to let Mandy know how much we love and miss her!

Thanks again! Dru Garcia, Annie Korn & Gia Biden."