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11/21/1 Misc: Thanks

"ASUNDER PRESS would like to issue it's heartfelt thanks to the following people who have contributed and supported it over the last year..."-Lance Vargas, Editor.

Coulter Jacobs
Kris Nelson
Sam Stonebraker
Eustacia Guerrero
Barry Benintende

Romy Kaye
J. Christo
Lucina Blaze
Vildaya Haya

Jocelyn Jackson
Guacamole Juan
Terrie Relf

Buddy Seigal
Fatima Corazon
J.D. Boucharde

Kara Karuboo
Ben Griffin
Aaron Ziobrowski
Shawn Bigbee
Sue Cuadrado
Jeudi Tabler
John Chillson
Doug Thompson
Sassy Lee
Felix Lee
Spring Kurtz
Emily Hicks
Civyiu Kkliu
Vyvyan Lees
Summerstarr Youngblood
Hannah G.
Antonio Mendoza
Stephanie Craven
Paul Keeling
J. Rhodes
Shepard Fairy
Ryan Rayston
Elizabeth Mourant
and anyone reading this right now...