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7/2/2 Misc: Romy response


Romy Kaye is irate.

Dear Editor,

Oh boy! The Register's article has got my blood boiling! Web radio was one of the last bastions of hope for independently produced music. College radio aside, even the most "alternative" stations on the air have to answer to "BIG BROTHER" music industry protocol. This means we are at the mercy of ruthless business people whose sole mission is to generate revenue and in turn force the listener to listen to commercialized CRAP! I am a jazz singer. I have a self- produced CD that has gotten "Web-play" and very little "Air-play." I have been told by many people that my CD is good, but unfortunately, people will never get the chance to judge for themselves. Let the artists decide where their music gets played and keep big business out of the arts! Oh yeah... music is still art, right? I'm beginning to wonder.

Romy Kaye San Diego, CA