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12/24/1 Misc: Merry CHRISTmas!



God has now officially instructed you: to tell everyone that the end of the world, Armageddon, and World War 3 all began in 1990 - 1992 with the Persian Gulf War and the legalization of Abortion and homosick-uality, both of which are an act of war against god, and a satanic conspiracy to kill gods babies and turn the whole world into homosick-u-ally perverted devil worshippers, so that God will destroy the world as he is doing now. And unless America and the world immediatly repent and believe in only Jesus Christ before July 4, 2004, then World War 3 will continue until America and the world are destroyed with fire and cast down to hell as God warns in Psalms 9:17 and which God warns in Ezekiel 31:14-18 is located deep down, in the nether parts, and the center of earth, and then they will be cast into Hell's Lake of Fire to burn forever as taight in Revelation 21:8

Found taped to a public building in La Jolla, California.
Author unknown