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3/7/2 List: Differences between the South and Southern California



By Lance Vargas

1. Snails as big as the ones in Southern California dont exist in the South.

2. People in the South do not know what a Thomas Guide is.

3. People in Southern California do not know what a love/screw/fuck bug is.

4. People in Southern California have never seen a truck drive around their neighborhood with an orange siren and spraying mosquito repellent.

5. People in Southern California have no idea what Kudzu is.

6. People in the South have no idea what Ice Plant is.

7. The South has Wafflehouse, Southern California has Denny's

8. In the South, people drive fast on the "Interstate." In Southern California, they drive fast on the "Freeway."

9. There are more cars towing other cars with a rope in the South.

10. There are no Hare Krishnas in the South.

(These are all generalzations and should not be taken as absolutes.)

Got a list?