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8/28/1 List: Barry Benintende's 10 infamous moments in the history of the Replacements

"Sorry Ma.."

10. Bob Stinson plays "Marine Corps Anthem," naked at San Diego State.

9. A sofa, a hotel window, Tommy & Paul with too much time on their hands in Portland, gravity... you figure out the rest.

8. Bob found dead in a bathtub.

7. Bob Dylan wandered into the studio while the Mats were recording and started to dip into their beers. Tommy yelled "Five bucks a beer fucker," and Dylan actually started fishing in his pockets for cash. .

6. One night in Eindhoven Holland, they stole the bookings agent's girlfriend's purse and put all the make-up they could find on their faces, got on stage as drunken drag queens and rocked the roof off the venue.

5. In the early days, The Mats' were opening for Johnny Thunders at Duffy's bar in Minneapolis. Thunders got too fucked-up to play and never showed up. The Mats' go on early to play for a pissed-off bar crowd that's been waiting for something to happen. They hit the stage trashed, play four barely recognizable songs and tear the stage apart. The bar ends up in a near riot. .

4. I was interviewing the Mats backstage at SDSU, eating pizza and drinking beer with the God's of '80's college rock. Paul is talkative, friendly and this girl walks up and sits on Paul's lap. In the middle of some great quote he was giving me on why Nancy Reagan would make a good go-go dancer, the girl takes Paul's hand, runs it up her skirt. Paul looks at me, grins, looks over at the girl, looks back at me and says "interview's over, sorry." hung out and chatted with Chris Mars and Slim. Tommy just wanted to sleep. I don't have the quotes anymore, but I still have a Woodstock's pizza box with their autographs embossed among the sauce stains. .

3. Paul Westerberg's Capital Records years. See for proof.

2. They were once a band that played tunes with lines like "Yesterday's trash/Too bored to thrash."

1. The Goo Goo Dolls ought to apologize for their fame and fortune at the Mats expense.

Barry Benintende is the Executive Editor of La Jolla Light.

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