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9/16/2 Events: Relf and War


Terrie Relf

Sept. 22
Relf reads

San Diego Slammaster, Robt O'Sullivan Schleith will be hosting a publication party and book signing for Terrie Relf's recently released poetry book, Lap Danced by the Muse. This night of naughty poetry will be held at Red's Espresso Gallery, 1017 Rosecrans St. in Pt. Loma (619-523-5540), on September 22nd from 6 p.m.-8p.m. After Relf reads, she's going to open it way up, so be sure to bring some of your own work. Let's see if we can put a blush on the Muse's cheeks!
Relf writes for the Espresso and Writers Monthly

Stop the War!

From Radioactive future..
"Greetings from Radioactive Future Headquarters We have started a poster campaign to try to stop our unelected "president" from bombing Iraq again for his daddy. We feel very strongly that more attacks on Iraq will only continue the cycle of violence around the world. If we are to learn any lessons from the tragic events of September 11, the most important lesson is that we must stop attacking others and demonstrate to the world that we are a nation that will preserve peace and not perpetuate war. We have printed a signed and numbered, 19" x 25" limited edition two color silkscreened poster that we are selling for $25.00 to cover production costs. Shipping is included in the price. Please spread the word and help us STOP THE WAR!
Thanks for your support,
Bill Pierce