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Events: 5/9/3

  • Radioactive Future, Funerals of Distinction and The Muse are presenting, "Difference," featuring Dennis Larkins, Marianne Williams, Mary Fleener, Bill Pierce, Ian Pyper, Tim McCormick, L. Croskey, Michele Waterman, Bobby Doran, Mike Petri, and Rob Malone. The show will be at The Muse Gallery is 2911 University Ave. in San Diego. Call (619) 296-8539 or visit Radioactive Future for more information.
    Show runs through June 9, 2003.
  • The staff of WritersMonthly staff is having its first ever "Writers Monthly Anti-Social" With Wine, food, and a relaxed, engaging, extended, wide-open, roaming, conversation about writing and anything else on your mind! Leave your money at home -this is a totally free event. Bring your thoughts, ideas, questions, snappy one-liners and best cocktail-party anecdotes. It will take place onSunday, May 18, from 3 p.m.- 6 p.m. And following on the third Sunday of each month through October. The event will be held at Current Affairs Bookstore, 2536 University Avenue. Two blocks east of Texas street. For more information, call (619) 795-9899. Or e-mail While you're in the 'hood, you can visit the North Park Spring Festival, too.