3/15/3 Straight trippin boo

Madeline Kahn and Clevon Little make us laugh in 'Blazing Saddles.' May they both rest in peace.

Anyone else mortified and aghast at the potential of films like "Bringing Down the House" and "Head of State"? Even though I haven't seen the movies (and don't plan to), their ads are driving me to lament my existance here on earth and cry for the future of all humanity. Whatever happened to the good ole days when the subjects of laugher in movies was racism itself? These ads make me feel as though I am in some voyeuristic way observing a group of blue haired and made-up white people laughing at the black folks on the blocks as if they were a bunch of Al fucking Jolsens. Why can't it be like "Blazing Saddles," where racism was a comedic device within the film and there was no lesson of how we are all supposed to get along attached to the end? Nothing to try and teach us how films like these can bring us all together and at the same time make money for the producers and stars. Nothing sells like deep-seeded, bitter social issues. I would hate to be either color while watching "House" or "Head." I guess they just don't make 'em like they used to.

Don't even get me started on "Boat Trip."

"Bringing Down the House"
"Head of State"
"Blazing Saddles"
"Boat Trip"

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