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Article: Poster artist describes work as 'brainwashing'

Poster art serves a unique niche within the bar, club and 'get-fucked-up' culture. Both reckless and calculated, a rock poster's main objective is to simply present an air of coolness. Whether a viewer wants to see the show or not, if the poster compels them to think that said band is as cutting edge as the poster makes them appear, then it has accomplished his task.

Matt Dye, a poster artist and graphic designer in the Portland area has explored the phenomenon of poster art and says this about the process.

"First, I investigate the band's image and sound. If I don't get a good feeling from it, then I just create something off the top of my head."

Dye goes on to say that the manner of creating the posters in his head is more complicated than the physical make-up of the image.

"The process in which the artwork is created is not that complicated, mostly image manipulation. I use 2 computer programs to create the artwork and layout, Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw," he said.

And what demented thoughts run through Dye's head when making his posters?

"I am a product of 32 years of brainwashing by society. I am a reflection," he said.

See Matt Dye's concert posters above and at his Web Site,