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5/3/2 Article: Mullets and class in America


Mullets and Class in America
L Vargas

The link to started popping up in e-mails approximately a couple years ago. Folks would get the link, check out the site, and invariably forward the page to a friend. As a result of this forwarding, Mulletsgalore has blossomed from a small, personal homepage to a full-fledged website complete with banners, merchandise and copyright laws. The site focuses on a particular hairstyle (The Mullet) and the demographics that perpetuate it. A Mullet is easily described as, hair that is long in the back yet cropped short on top. Although, the Mullet was never actually in-style there was a time in the 80's when the haircut was more prevalent than it is now. In this day and age, the Mullet has made a pop-culture comeback, but not in terms of style and glamour. Now, the Mullet has developed into a phenomenon that separates people whom sport mullets from those who don't like bikers and the Lifetime Channel.

The writing on is satire at its very best. The manner in which "Mulletheads" are divided into distinctions and classifications approaches genius. There also seems to be a certain mythology that exists from within Mulletsgalore that leads a viewer to believe that is indeed there is a method to the madness. This mythology only adds to the overall dynamic of Mulletheads being a separate species from the rest of us rather than just someone with a lousy haircut.

Updated regularly, MG features a Mullet of the week, an extensive FAQ, six pages of Mullet classification, a links page, and a Mullet glossary. There is also a section called "porn mullets" and its name is self-explanatory. However, the most exquisite aspect of is the social commentary that flows just beneath its surface. This website alone has almost single-handily drawn the Mullet hairstyle out from its pocket of humanity and delivered it to the global village like a pizza delivery boy. Before, the Mullet movement seemed to be something discussed at prates or get togethers but it wasn't yet a social phenomenon. There was dialogue between one friend to the next about people with those haircuts but it wasn't anything centralized. This lack of cohesiveness is evidenced by the fragmentation that first existed in regards to the actual name of the haircut. Before Mulletsgalore made its appearance, the Mullet was also known as, the Ape Drape, The 10-90, The Kentucky Waterfall, the Mudflap, and, of course, the Shlong. As more and more people began to converse about the haircut and Mulletsgalore become more and more popular, "Mullet" has emerged as name to be.

It seems as though the "Mullet" has also developed into a class issue. There are those out there that sport the Mullets and there are those of us who laugh at them. If this is analyzed further, one can deduce that without a computer, a lot of people wouldn't necessarily be aware that the "mullet" hairstyle actually had a name. They also wouldn't realize that it was such an intense representation of one's overall attitude, or "mulletude" as it is so poetically phrased on the site. Thus, it is safe to say that most Mulletheads do not have access to the Internet and they do not own computers. To own a computer or to have access to one in this day and age is a sign that an individual is aware of current trends and developments. To have a mullet is sign that they do not. This would lead one to believe that Mulletheads are in a social class one lower than those who laugh at them are. With the popularity of Mulletsgalore and the many other Mullet sites on the WWW (there are at least a dozen others and a documentary is even in the works) there seems to be more and more people who are "in on the joke." Those who aren't, and are sadly still sporting their mullets, are wondering why they are getting strange looks in traffic, shopping centers and other everyday activities.

Ultimately, as more and more people are let in on the joke. The Mullet hairstyle will recede from society. No one in his or her right mind would continue to sport a Mullet after having visited Mulletsgalore. Thus, the mullet will eventually become as rare as the California Condor or the Whooping Crane. Or perhaps there will be resurgence? The Afro came back just a short time ago. Could the Mullet be far behind? Consider this, before any trend comes back from style purgatory, there must first be a period where it is clearly not cool. (Think KISS throughout the 80's.) Then, it weathers the storm and through some sort of sparked interest, it becomes cool again. The spark needed may well be underway right now thanks to Mulletsgalore. America may be in the infant stage of a Mullet revival. Even now, if a Mullet is spotted on the street, those who know its significance hold it in high regard. This may very well be the start of something huge. In case you missed it above, here's the link...