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1/4/2 List: Buddy's retort

Buddy Seigal in 1982.

By Buddy Siegal

I didn't realize until reading Barry's sad remembrance here that, "I Have A Dream" was the actual slogan of the ball team in question. Had I known that, of course, things would have been much different. To wit: I would have carved him a new bunghole for not determining who was responsible for adopting King's words as a rallying cry for a junior college basketball team in the first place and humiliating them properly in his story. Still, it heartens me to know that my ability to make underlings feel like shit has decades-long staying power.

By the way, I used to call Barry "Barry The Baptist" because his name was Barry and he was a Baptist. He remains to this day the only Italian Baptist with a Jewish name I've ever met, which continues to bring me great joy well into middle age.

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